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The acupuncture treatment
was excellent and just what I needed. I came in for post Bell’s Palsy treatment and joint pain. Dr. Park was patient and knowledgeable. I enjoyed hearing the health benefits behind each step of the procedure, which was much needed for someone who doesn’t know much about acupuncture. Would highly recommend the services here to anyone who experienced Bells or other nerve related injury. During today’s consultation, I also made a second purchase for a wellness product, an herbal ointment/remedy for women that also contains a subtle fragrance. Superb!

This is long overdue, but I must acknowledge someone for her life-changing help. A year or so after my mom's brain surgery, my mom was experiencing intense muscle pain all over her body, particularly her legs. Many times, especially at night, she'd ask me to massage her legs and arms for her because of the sharp pain. Her muscles would tighten up/cramp and not relax themselves for hours. We met with several doctors trying to figure out what the source of

the problem was, but all her blood work was normal and physical therapy did not help. According to her rheumatologist, she thankfully did not have rheumatoid arthritis,  but that information obviously did not relieve my mother's pain. My church's associate pastor's wife is an acupuncture doctor. She recently opened a new practice in Irvine, so we decided to try out acupuncture for my mom. I am not kidding when I say this: literally after ONE session, my mom's muscle pain went away. ONE! My mom does not experience muscle pain at all anymore.

In addition, my mom has gained more energy, and she has been able to move better overall. One of the best things about her treatment is that everything is natural; we didn't need to add another medication to my mom's already long list of medications.  No pain medication, no supplements-- just magic needles! Haha We continue seeing Dr. Park every week for my mom's other physical ailments, and she is still getting better. We are so thankful for Dr. Park's life-changing help. I strongly recommend her, especially

if western medicine has failed you.

Dr. Park of Family Tree Wellness is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient in taking her time to give you the best results. I would recommend her to anyone, she has never failed to help me.
I had a great and relaxing acupuncture session with Dr Park who is a wealth of knowledge
on Chinese medicine
and very pleasant.

Suzie Kim. Diamond Bar

I was referred to Dr. Park
by a friend. I've been having trouble sleeping. and sometimes it was hard to breathe. My body kept feeling heavy and tired.
I was treated with acupuncture and moxibustion.
I was also prescribed herbal medicines, and my body recovered a lot.
Dr.Park explained my hormones were out of balance.
Dr. Park treated me with care and kindness, and my body and mind were at peace.
With Dr. Park's help and treatment, I can sleep well and feel better and healthier.
Thank you Dr.Park
I always have a great experience
at family tree wellness.
I have a very mentally demanding job, so I am taking extra care in stress control by implementing healthy diet and exercise.
Still, sometimes I feel like
my balance is off and feel like
I could use a little helping hand and that is when I go to this place.
Their acupuncture and cupping session makes me get into a deep meditational state.
After the session I feel fully rejuvenated and ready for
more challenges.
Highly recommend this clin
My mother in law recently hurt her back and she immediately needed to see an acupuncturist.
We contacted family wellness center and they were able to get us in on that day. Her provider did a full traditional care where she gave her moxa, acupuncture, cupping etc. My mother in law felt better after the care; and she will be receiving subsequent treatment until recovery. They are friendly and so accommodating!
Highly recommend!

Gentle C, Irvine

My family has known Dr Park
for many years. She helped us with so many health issues from pain management to fertility care. I used to doubt alternative medicine but after experiencing all the miraculous benefits, now I am a firm believer of Chinese medicine and natural therapy. After all, you can not argue with the good result.
I was treated by Dr. Park for several years and recovered my health. Above all, I was able to lose weight and get pregnant after receiving treatment. I had a hard time with morning sickness even during pregnancy, but I got a lot of help from the herbal medicine Dr. Park made me. And herbal medicine to recover after giving birth was the best gift. I especially recommend a hospital that treats not only the body but also the mind.
A couple days ago I bought a Groupon for "Cupping Therapy"
at Family Tree Wellness.
(Awesome deal by the way!!!)
I called and made an appt for today
at 3pm with Matt.
When I arrived I was impressed with their office. Very professional.
Checking in was easy, and the experience was perfect.
I noted on the intake paperwork my areas of concern were shoulders,
tennis elbow, and calves.
Matt did a great job with the cupping.
He was easygoing, personable and informative. He answered all questions about the process and the benefits.
If you have body aches and pains and massage or chiro isn't your thing, I highly recommend cupping with Matt!
Trying a new modality of healing is important for your health. Treat yourself with self care at this spot and get the Groupon while you can!
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